Welcome to my world July 2014

OK so I am taking a shot at this whole blog world.  I know nothing about technology, but a whole hellava lot about raising three boys.  The daily adventures of John Joseph age 12, Daniel Peter AKA Danny Boy age 10 and Christian McKenzie AKA Chrissy Mac age 8 have brought me to use this blog as a new age way of providing them with a baby book.  A way for them to look back and show their kids that all kids are created equally except for them.  Will you join me on this adventure called Motherhood?Mexico

13 Replies to “Welcome to my world July 2014”

  1. I’ll be sure to remember NOT to drink my cawfee while reading your blog. I don’t need it to spew out of my nose!!

  2. This is awesome!!!! Now you’ll have to print out all the older posts that were PreBlog so they have those amazing stories as well!!!!

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