Birth Day


Today is the day I celebrate my Mother and my Father.  They are the one’s who gave birth to me right?  They will forever share this day with me.  I often wonder why we as a society don’t celebrate our Mother’s and Father’s on this day.  We are forever intertwined, not for just the physical body she and my Dad created but for the many moments they have guided me and nurtured my spirit.

So today I choose to celebrate my Mother’s and my Father’s Birth Day not my birthday.  We should be bringing our parents a cake and gifts.  We should be saying thank you to her for pushing all those hours and for holding us in her womb for all those months.

Once you have children, you understand this want to celebrate the one who actually gave birth to you.  I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that by giving birth to another human – no one celebrates you. So today I will provide you with this guide to what I have learned about Birthdays.

1.  Husbands don’t plan.  Not just mine, all husbands do not make plans.  They just don’t have it in their blood.  I think I need to include in my summer home school lessons to my boys – How to plan nice things for your wife and give her a break from planning it all lessons.  While I am married to the greatest man on earth, my expectations are low for a planned celebration. Because we Mother’s are the official-birthday-gift-buyer for everyone you know – I will just buy my own gift and plan my own dinner and pay the bill after with his money.  Seems like a plan.  See there you go I made the plan.

2.  Kids – Its the thought that counts.  I really am looking forward to the homemade card made out of the back of the Cheerios box.  I also  must prepare myself to have a huge smile when I get the macaroni necklace.  I always made my Mother an ashtray in school art class.  She would be so very happy and kiss and hug me and make this huge deal about this beautiful piece of art.  I will do that same when I get the hand print decorated brown lunch bag.  I am prepared for the same response if I get the Popsicle stick picture frame.  Wait, I have not mentioned to them all week that my birthday is coming.  They might not even know. If they say Happy Birthday when I wake up, I say I have hit the jackpot.

3. Friends – specifically girlfriends.  They are the only ones to plan and actually remember this day. Even if it is a calendar reminder on their iPhone.  They  took the time to put this important information in their phone.  They will schedule a night out, a dinner or just simply send a card.  They know that being a Mother all you really want to do is drink wine and get away from your kids, so that is what they will plan.

Bottom line, Thanks Joseph and Janice today on my birthday as I embark on my 40th year here on this earth.  God has blessed me in infinite ways, and that is the ultimate plan.


1981 – Janice so very pregnant with Joseph JR.  All cousins lined up for her classic backyard birthday celebrations.

IMG_1577[1]Not sure of the year, but this was the epic party with the ponies. Check out my cousin Kristen’s face.  I think she is still pissed about that party.  Little Laura Fran lookin’ all pretty at my party.


My besties Shannon and Kelli enjoying my party.

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  1. I am of the same mind when it comes to birthdays- should be the mother’s day (and father’s I guess) – we did all the work.

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