I never did find the BBQ Sauce

Trace Adkins Lyrics

“Your Gonna Miss This”

You’re gonna miss this
You’re gonna want this back
You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast
These Are Some Good Times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now 

But you’re gonna miss this

I know I know, I will indeed miss this one day.  But as the last few weeks of the end of the school year have been passing by I am struggling with the thought of missing this chaos. While I do have my wonderful husband to help me through all that life has to throw my way, is he really worrying about all this stuff?  So in the last few weeks I have jotted down the thoughts of a Mom as the end of the school year approaches.  2020 brings my oldest to graduate High School and my nephew MJ to start Kindergarten.  Good luck to my sister whom will now not only be the teacher but the parent at this end of school madness.  Can you relate?

Do you have your Math Calculator?

#2 pencil?  Is it sharpened?

A snack?

When’s your next orthodontist appointment?

Wait did you get a physical yet this year you need one to enter 9th grade.  Are you up on all your shots?

Wait is the dog up on all her shots?

I think I threw out your flash cards. Shit.

Make sure you drink enough water.

Potato chips do not provide protein, please bring another snack.

Did anyone feed the dog?

I know that your 15 and 6’ tall and the lunch lady only gives you three chicken nuggets… what do you want from me, order two lunches.

I know you have no more socks, I am tired of matching them go see if Dad has any in his dresser.

Anyone remember where I put the pool passes from last year?

I am sorry that I am not one of those “good parents” who show up to everything with bags of non-generic treats and Pinterest-style crafts in tow. Take your stop and shop brand water and stop and shop brand pretzels and get the hell to school. I bitterly assume all four grandparents live nearby to help whenever they’re needed. 

I am only gonna unload the top of the dishwasher and reload it again and turn it on, I am too tired to unload the bottom don’t tell Dad.

Do you know the end of school year bus schedule because I am not getting your ass in the middle of the day, actually you know what here is a metro card, take the bus.

Does your bathing suit still fit?  You better go try it on cause if it doesn’t your gonna end up at the pool in your boxers.

Please go get your hair cut, looks like you have a helmet on your head and graduation is next week.

I am sorry today is wear purple day in honor of something I am sure is very important but we don’t own one, ask your Grandmother it is her favorite color.

You do know if you do not pass your regents you can’t graduate High School.

Cleaning the boys sheets this week – found three socks I was missing.  #winning

Thank GOD Johnny is driving.  We are in need of a third body to get the gang all over town, wearing whatever attire they need, with whatever they need with whatever friends are joining them. 

Oh crap Christian is graduating, did I buy him a yearbook?

Listen kids if I get a notice from any librarian that there is an overdue book fee for the end of the year YOU are paying.

For the love of God did I renew your trumpet?  What about your clarinet?  Should have bought these friggin things in the first place I think combined its cost $4000 to rent. 

Why is there microwave popcorn and a can of soda under your bed??? Late night studying??? I am guessing NOT.

Family announcement – The checkbook, debit card and American Express have come out regularly this time of year. There have been teacher gifts, graduation gifts, multiple fines for anything you kids can’t seem to find, religion teacher gifts, coach gifts, prom flowers, prom suit alterations, prom tickets, travel baseball balance due, camp balance due, deposits for next year’s trips, graduation party fee, Confirmation gown fee, Confirmation Party, AP exam fees, Renewal fees for instruments, Summer show fees etc.  So NO we are not getting new sneakers that’s what flip flops are for.


In these final weeks of school, sorry kids you will walk around in clothes that are too small, not-quite-clean, or simply inappropriate for the weather. And I won’t find the motivation to care.  Sorry

John just texted that he wrote a total of 40 essays for his Junior year.  Where did this kid come from?  I am fairly certain that this kid is capable of doing anything in the world he wants to.

Breakfast feeds your brain please eat something Christian, test taking needs energy.

If you fail you do know you will have to attend summer school and I will not be driving so you will need to walk, or take the bus so do me a favor and don’t fail.  Thanks

I have a profound need for a nap, but I can’t I have to go clean my car before your Dad gets home.  It’s in desperate need of a car wash and I need to unload discarded food bags, muddy sports equipment, empty water bottles, jock straps, sneakers, cleats and I think some BBQ sauce I could smell yesterday. I really need to find the BBQ sauce. 

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