Laura Fran


Laura Frances Marvullo Campaner

Born in 1979 she came into our family and since that day tried to steal my thunder right out from under me.  An only child for 4+ years, Janice and Joe gave me a sister, truly God’s greatest gift – Well, now I know that – back then not so much.  Laura was named after our Great Aunt Laura Marvullo and our Nanny Frances (Avalon) our Mother’s Mother.  

Our sisterly adventures were like I am sure many other families.  WE ALWAYS shared a room and most times a bed.  We fought over toys and who will get the front seat of the powder blue, white leather interior Cadillac with the 8 track player.  She was what the family called a silent but deadly child.  She was found once painting our beautiful white pedestal bath tub with Mom’s nail polish and finished it off by “brushing” the rug in the bathroom with Mom’s mascara.   I got in trouble for that one too cause “Law would neva do that.”  I was always the screamer and she was silent all the time. Always leaving  me to be in trouble and punished for everything, cause I was louder and she smiled and was the sweet girl who would never be naughty.  YEAH RIGHT!  She once caused a huge fight in the car that while Mom was driving smoking a cigarette and holding a cupa cawfee she did the old – One hand driving and one hand beat your kid maneuver.  I got beat cause she was smart enough to duck – she was always smarter.  We never fought over clothes – I was forever pleasantly plump and she a size zero.  Her and my father were both so skinny that while Mom would do the wash she would mix up some of their Jean shorts.  Cause ya know back then Joe M was stylin with his cut off “dungarees.”  Take a look who had the nicer dungarees?  I was more concerned with Sun-in in my hair and cool shades!


Laura has always been there to annoy and criticize me. Indulge in monumental huffs, stand with what we are now calling “bitchey resting face” and complete her comments with snide remarks.  She would Monopolize both the bathroom and the TV we only had one of each growing up.   Laura is the only other person on my crusade to find and destroy all of those family holiday Sears portraits.  You know the ones in which one of us always looks sufficiently more awkward than the other but you are mutually as embarrassed about it and therefore out to destroy them all.  As sisters we also share the  humiliation in having to wear matching dresses during the holidays and have elderly relatives ooh and ahh over how much you look alike.  I think we need to do that again… Let’s get matching dresses for the next family party and see if anyone says anything. How lucky are we to have another human with which we can be incredibly weird with.

things I love about Laura Fran:

  • Her ability to flare her nostrils.  Ask her about it someday. It’s a true talent.
  • That lovely huffing sound she produces.
  • how she loves my children.
  • How she tries to save the environment by doing things like moving to tubeless toilet paper. I applaud her efforts.
  • Her commitment to all things family ours and my husbands.
  • love how she silently appreciates all I may have taught her through the years – through her actions and not necessarily her words.
  • Her walk – ever watch her walk?
  • the sound of the wooden spoon on the side of the pasta sauce pot she makes. Sounds just like Janice.
  • When she calls to say that picture someone posted on FB – we really do look alike.
  • Her love of Michael’s…..many many Michael’s…. Until she met the ultimate Michael and gave me one of the greatest joys another Michael. Michael Joseph (MJ) my new love.

When catastrophe strikes, sisters are also there. Defending you against all the hurt and the pain.  I guess in 1979 Joe and Janice’s plan was a pretty good idea – Giving me a sister.You always have a built in best friend… one whose been your partner in crime for your whole life. If that’s not the most supremely, amazingly,  super duper, far out, awesome thing, I don’t know what is.